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The authors are Elise Atchison, Rick Bass, Todd Burritt, Tom Campbell, Lyn Dalebout, Matt Daly, Joanne Dornan, Gary Ferguson, Matt Hart, Geneen Marie Haugen, Susan Marsh, Craig Mathews, Arthur Middleton, Doug Peacock, Karen Reinhart, Kelsey Sather, Jack Turner, Rebecca Watters, Tina Welling, Marylee White, Connie Wieneke, Todd Wilkinson and Terry Tempest Williams. The artists are Kalon Baughan, Tamara Callens, Meredith Campbell, Sue Cedarholm, Derek DeYoung, Loretta Domaszewski, Katy Ann Fox, Dave Hall, Dwayne Harty, Laney Hicks, DG House, Will Hunter, SJ Karikó, Laney, Jennifer Lowe-Anker, Mimi Matsuda, James Prosek, Robert Schlenker, Jocelyn Slack, Tucker Smith, Kay Stratman, Kara Tripp, Shannon Troxler, Kathryn Mapes Turner, John Wasson, Carrie Wild and Monte Yellow Bird Sr.

Good news for poetry lovers. The fourth Montana Poets series edited by Mark Gibbons is in production. Craig Czury started the series for FootHills Publishing in 2009. The second series (delayed by a fire) was released in 2015. The third series was published in 2018. The first book of the fourth six-poet series is currently available, ” Homespun ”by poet Alberton Kurt Sobolik. At the end of May, the second will be released: “Blood is not water: the poems of Mara Panich”. Future titles and poets are: “Ash in the Tree” by Gillian Kessler; “Descended from a travel bag” by Chris La Tray; “After mating for life” by Melissa Stephenson; and “Erosion” by Clark Chatlain.

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