Mark Levin castigates Woodward & Costa of WaPo: which journalists “sit on this story”?

Former Reagan Justice Department Chief of Staff Mark Levin called Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, saying if their allegations about the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , Mark Milley, were true, Milley should be fired and they should be ashamed as journalists for sitting on an explosive story that could have prevented another US military disaster in Afghanistan.

Levin said on “Hannity” on Tuesday that if Costa and Woodward were telling the truth, in that Milley assured Chinese Communist Party General Li Zuocheng that he would warn Beijing of any future US military action ordered by President Donald Trump, they basically hid from the public a damning account of why Milley is not qualified for her job or worse.

“Wouldn’t it be good to know about Milley before what happened in Afghanistan so that his ass could have been kicked out of office – so we could bring in a general like a George S. Patton who wouldn’t let not American citizens in enemy territory and leave patriotic Afghans in enemy territory who are hunted down and killed … with $ 85 billion of our equipment [left there]Levin asked. “General Milley is the worst general we have ever had.”

Sources told Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin that Milley never promised China a warning in the way Costa and Woodward described:

However, on “Hannity,” Levin added that Milley would have to come out and comment publicly somehow on the potentially egregious allegations.

Levin said Woodward – who became a household name as a journalist after breaking up the Watergate scandal with then-colleague-turned-CNN collaborator Carl Bernstein – has the modus operandi of publishing a bombshell book days before an opportunity. does show up to appear Sunday. information programs and exponentially increase book sales.

“Woodard and Costa are Washington Post reporters. It takes 3 months to print a book. This means that Woodward and Costa and The Washington Post – if that’s true – sat on this story for months and months: why would 2 reporters sit on it? a story like this for months and months and allow this man (Milley) – who I believe if this is true is completely out of balance – to serve as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? “

Levin said Woodward is likely hoping to make “millions of dollars” from the book and score a handful of national news appearances to bolster his profile.

“People should boycott this book: people should not reward these people for their conduct as so-called journalists. Journalism is corrupt and dead in this country.

Levin further questioned Costa’s qualifications as a journalist, given that the book is said to be based on interviews with more than 200 people on the condition that they are not named as sources.

“Who the hell is writing a book with 200 anonymous sources?” Asked Levin, who himself rates his own works regularly.

“[They] have the tapes and notes. But we don’t: the American people are our country, can’t we pass judgment on these things. “

“What kind of news agency is this? He said of the newspaper owned by Jeffrey Bezos. “And, if that happens, that’s great news. I have spent my life defending the Constitution of the United States. You have here Mark Milley not once but twice before the election and afterwards, contacts the chief. of the Communist Army in China – our number 1 enemy. “

“If the US military is going to attack China, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff knows every step of the way. He’s going to tell the enemy? If that’s true, that SOB has to get out of there as quickly as possible without it. debate. According to this story, if this is true, he told the officers to swear loyalty to him. To him. What else is he doing? He conspires with the [then]- CIA chief (Gina Haspel) who is worried about a right-wing coup, ”Levin added, commenting that Haspel and others have never recognized the real“ coup ”of the attacks and continued investigations against Trump based on endless Russian collusion allegations. , tax return applications and so on.


However, Levin concluded that if Milley had not in fact vowed to warn the Communist Chinese of US military action, the general would “own the Washington Post,” apparently through a lawsuit.

“America, boycott these two journalists. They shouldn’t be making millions of dollars sitting on a story, if it’s true, that we the people have a right to know. That the military had the right to know before Afghanistan. A pox on all their houses. “

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