Lucknow: Urdu Poetry, Sounds of Saavan Added to Bahaar at Festival | Lucknow News

RJ Taashi (left) with Mirchi Love’s crew during Shayargasm at Saavan ki Bahaar festival

LUCKNOW: Amid downpours across the city, residents who visited Sanatkada’s home on Saturday were treated to a poetic treat. The event, Shayargasm, brought urdu ‘shayari’ and ‘mausiqi’ on stage during the Saavan ki Bahaar festival. The three-day event is organized by Sanatkada, Lucknow Bioscope and Naimat Khana.
Shayargasm was organized in collaboration with Mirchi Love in which RJ Tashi, Jaani Lakhnavi, Shadab Javed and Shailendra attempted to bridge the gap between youth and the centuries-old tradition of Urdu Adab with Saavan-based shayari and mausiqi. People also enjoyed a jamming session by Aprark and Ayush.
The “Sounds of Saavan” installation designed by Tauheed Haider and designed by Manas Seth was a major attraction. Conceptualized with the visual and sound experiences of the month of Shravan in mind, the installation was in two parts. He had instruments made from scrap metal like bamboo, wood, jute, coconut shells, and steel, creating different sounds when played with them. The “sky” fiber above detects the movement of any person and the response is lightning and thunder, triggered by sensors.
Visitors learned the art of lehariya dyeing in a workshop led by Saman Habib and Jaazbia Khan.


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