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Literature Promotion Festival

Published on: Wednesday 09 November 2022

By: Antara News

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Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta City’s Cultural Bureau organizes a literary arts festival titled Mulih (Go Home), which offers several programs that are meant to serve as platforms to promote and provide education on literature. “This year, we are trying to showcase the collaboration in literature of multiple elements, both Javanese literature and Indonesian literature with many viewpoints,” said bureau chief Yetti Martanti. According to Martanti, the 2022 Mulih Literature Festival, which is held from November 6 to 13, 2022, has been livelier as it takes place offline.

The festival started from the literary stage at Regol Barat (west gate of) Kepatihan on Sunday evening (November 6) and was followed by a series of activities including literary lectures, an angkringan or poetry corner , writing workshops and script and children’s literature villages. “We are collaborating with various elements of the community – from business, campus, Dimas Diajeng Jogja Group (a tourism ambassador), museums and literary communities to the national railway company KAI – to organize this festival,” said Martinti said. With the participation of many parties, literature in Yogyakarta is expected to further develop and become more popular. Meanwhile, at a literary conference on Javanese literature on Monday, Yogyakarta City Regional Secretary Aman Yuriadijaya said the local government was trying to provide space for all community groups to advance literature in Yogyakarta.


“It is not only limited to Yogyakarta city residents, but all Yogyakarta (province) residents can merge to advance literature, especially Javanese literature,” Yuriadijaya added. Additionally, a number of collections from the Sonobudoyo Museum are on display from November 7 to 13 as part of the event. The exhibition traces the evolution of literature and presents Javanese manuscripts, lontar (manuscripts on palm leaves) and typewriters with Javanese script. Yuriadijaya expressed hope that the event will become an educational medium, especially for the younger generation to learn more about Javanese literature.


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