It’s official, Ruskin Bond has the cutest Instagram profile

Not too long ago, author Ruskin Bond said that although he is on social media, he prefers things offline. Speaking to the humans of Bombay, The night train to Deoli the author admitted: “And now my downline have put me on Instagram – they continue to teach me how to use it. But I gave up! I chuckle and tell them, “I’m very happy with my books, don’t make me part of this online world.” (sic)

Even so, it’s impossible not to appreciate the abundance of positivity, fun, and cuteness on her Instagram profile. Here is a little trip.

Recently he uploaded a series of photos celebrating his 87th birthday surrounded by his “very important family”. The childlike joy with which he cut the cake is sure to melt your heart.

If you think that only you are excited for your birthday, well Ruskin Bond could be a close contender. The author celebrates his birthday on May 19, and earlier this month he kicked off the celebrations by posing with a fake mustache and gorging himself on jalebis.

There is also a cat, named Cleopatra, who gives her company. “Meet Mrs Cleopatra, she found my grandson on her way and now she is still home,” he wrote.

He often shares videos reading poems or just wishing his readers the New Year. Looked

And when he’s not doing that, he’s sitting in front of the laptop, like all of us.

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