Introduction to Top celebrities of the world

There is a long list of celebrities of the world and to discuss about all is not possible. For full-fledged details, you need to explore the internet. In this article, we shall know the names of the first top richest celebrities of the world and their net worth.

1. Madonna
Madonna is a famous musician of US whose age is 58 now. She is talented and personally a nice lady. There are many records in her name. seven time Grammy winner Madonna is at 1st rank. Her net worth is $910 million as per the analysis of an agency.
2. Tiger woods
He is among the highly talented athlete of the US whose age 40. He is famous for his record in the sports. Total net worth of tiger woods is considered as $900 million.
3. Jerry Seinfeld
His present net worth is 8$860 million and lives a high standard. He is also an US musician.
4. DR. Dre
He is a famous song writer and singer of the US. He is mainly the rapper of the music industry and he has worked in films and tv shows. His net worth is $730 million.
5. Celine Dion
She a known musician of the Canada. Her net worth is $700 million. their style of performing at the live shows is stunning.

How these celebrities manage their wealth
These celebrities make the optimum use of their wealth. Some are interested in reinvesting the money in the market but some invest in the companies that are indirectly promoting social welfare. Some people believe that development is the key to success so they invest their money the growth of the nation. Many people love to donate the money in religious organizations and temples and help needy persons. These type of kind people are the backbone of the society.

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