Interview: Adam Melchor on slam poetry, calamari and Here Goes Nothing!

Born in New Jersey, based in Los Angeles Adam Melchor compares his music to the sounds of TikTok asking “What’s the worst pain you’ve ever felt that isn’t physical?” – he is on the front line of feelings with his diaristic ballads from his second album Nothing is right here!

“Now I really feel like who I am, who I identify with and especially this album, there’s a lot more like piano involved and just a lot like always lyrically driven. But there’s just a little more risk than before. he said in his consolidated sound.

The record completes a satisfying journey of falling in love (and the fear that comes with it), confessing feelings, grief and the silver linings, and then starting all over again.

“The grand scheme of things, you’d kind of go through this thing like, ‘Okay, like I really love you’ and all that kind of stuff, and then going, ‘Okay, maybe we shouldn’t do that,” and we accept that, “ he started.

“And then once you accept it, it’s like you. You get like one more introduction to the person and then all of a sudden you’re like back in the loop, you know? So it is kind of what I wanted to give to the album you know? kind of like repeating history all over again.”

He’s built a loyal (and hilarious) legion of followers who have empowered their fandom the Squid Squad of an Instagram Live moment during the pandemic, and who provide Adam with a healthy dose of cringe memes to accompany the release of his album. .

“My fans are really good at making memes and I’m basically a meme account at this point. But it feels good to have them at least caring enough to do it,” he said.

“Usually I just go to Twitter and I’m just like, ‘Who’s got the memes today?’ And they say, “Say less,” and then they like maybe two, three hours later, I’m filled to the brim with memes.

Just wrap the support slot for Jeremy Zuckerfrom the AU/NZ Crusher tour, as well as Noah Kahanof the sold-out US tour, Adam catches more squids across the continent for his team and continues to get noticed by industry heavyweights (he can count Charlie Puth and Lennon Stella as collaborators on the album) .

Find out more about Adam Melchor below, from his short stint in slam poetry to the guiltiest he’s ever felt.

nothing is right here by Adam Melchor is now available.

Main image credit: Daniel Topete

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