Ice Skating

‘Ice Skating’ as the word denotes is skating on ice, both inside and outside. Specially prepared surfaces like ice skating stadiums and tracks are observed mainly inside for events and contests while in the outside ponds, lakes and rivers that naturally freeze over in winter offer exceptional ice skates.
Ice skating as a sport likely started when people found themselves with fewer options for games and outdoor activity during winter and could have been done for travel etc., for a lot of reasons like exercise, enjoyable sport

There are not any clear signs as to when frozen water skating originated. Some views are that it originated in Switzerland around 3000 BC based on dating done on some of skates recovered from a lake bottom. These were made from animal bones are strapped on to the fee using leather thongs. A study by Oxford University points studied to most early frozen water skating activities more than 3000 years ago in southern Finland. All earlier variants of ice skates were made of sharpened and flattened bone which helped skaters glide unlike contemporary skates that cut to the ice on the very top of the ice. The reason being the skates in use now are manufactured with sharpened edges that enable easy move from steel blades; the Dutch devised the notion of adding borders to skates in the 13th century.
Besides Europe, this type of ice skates appears to have already been practiced around the exact same time line too in China, gaining popularity through the rule of the Qing dynasty. But, the worldwide viewpoint is the fact that ice skating originated in early Europe, though where exactly is not clear.
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