I am starting a new project and I need help. What do you know about Poetry Harbor?

I am looking for people attached to Poetry Harbor.

Google tells me that the late Patrick McKinnon (DNT in the spotlight here) may have been a founder? Ellie Schoenfeld too?

Looks like Larry Schug posted with them (Obsessed with mud)? Sheila Packa too (Always say goodbye)?

There were two award-winning anthologies, I think?

  • One with Linda Grover, Denise Sweet, others, called Nitaawichige, I think?
  • One with Jim Northrup, Adrian Louis, Al Hunter and Denise Sweet, Obsidian days, days of grace, 1994.

Deb Cooper posted The Gods of Wild Things with Poetry Harbor, eh?

Has there been readings – it seems Kyle Elden Heyesen “was involved” according to LinkedIn – as a reader? a host? an organizer ?

And Poetry Harbor sponsored one or three KUMD segments? Or is the segment name “Poetry Harbor” a coincidence?

Port of poetry

In any event. Can I buy a cup of beer garden for anyone who can tell me the story of Poetry Harbor and help me determine if I’m headed for a dead end? The search on Google is overwhelming.

North Coast Review.
by Poetry Harbor; newspaper

Poets who have not moved to Minneapolis.
by Poetry Harbor
Editor: [Duluth, Minn.] : Poetry Harbor, 1990.

We all live with AIDS: a rural experience.
by Poetry Harbor;
Editor: [Duluth, Minn.] : Poetry Harbor, © 1992.

Poets who have not moved to Saint-Paul.
by Poetry Harbor;
Publisher: Duluth, Mn. : Poetry Harbor, 1991.

Obsidian days, days of grace: poetry and prose chosen by four Native American writers
by Al Hunter; Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (Minn.); Port of poetry;
Publisher: Duluth, Minn. : Poetry Harbor, © 1994.

The gods of wild things
by Deborah Gordon Cooper; Port of poetry
Publisher: Duluth, Minn. : Poetry Harbor, © 2002.

Difficult valentine’s day
by Ellie Schoenfeld; Port of poetry
Publisher: Duluth, Minn. : Poetry Harbor, 2004.

Obsessed with Mud: New Poems
by Lawrence Schug; Port of poetry
Publisher: Duluth, Minn. : Poetry Harbor, © 1997.

Announcing the latest version of Poetry Harbor, X: A Chapbook of Poems by Katri Sipila.
by Katri Sipilä; Port of poetry;
Publisher: Duluth, Minn. : Poetry Harbor, [2000?]

An evening with John Trudell
by John Trudell; Port of poetry
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