How can I be a good poet? Tips on writing songs in the language of Iranian pop myth, Ahmad Mousavi, famous and popular Iranian singer and musician

In the following we will read the important points on how to become a songwriter from Ahmad Mousavi

Ahmad Mousavi: Song is not just poetry or music alone, but also consists of three elements of poetry, melody and rhythm, which fall under the domain of vocal or acoustic arts. These elements together form a song, but each of them can be analyzed independently.

Some people think that song is a weak type of poetry, this theory is not correct, because a song can also have concepts and themes that a poem contains and has deep or shallow themes (depending on the taste of the song).

Moreover, the song can attract more audience. In the song, deep and complex concepts are expressed in a simpler way so that the audience can better relate to the effect.

A song is a form of poetry, but the acceptance of music is greater than poetry. Although there are poems even in blank form that have music placed on them and they have worked well, composing a melody is not easy for many poems.

Mr. Ahmad Mousavi added:

Song is one of the most beautiful types of poetic music, but song itself is a subset of poetry, and it was this writing that gave credit to the poem. The song itself is a style independent of other styles and is the best kind of poetry formats. The refreshing music with its special beauty is a tool for expressing political and social feelings and thoughts, and the song is actually rooted in the poem and follows a series of rules from the poem, but only it has a clear definition. It is poetry and weight and in this respect it is very similar to poetry, but the main difference between poetry and song is that song has an internal connection with music. Other major features of the song should be mentioned in its plain language. It forces the songwriter to write just because the song is set to music and the song is heard by the singer; As a result, not all of the listener’s mind understands the meaning of the song, but part of it pays attention to the music of the song and another part to the voice of the singer. In our daily conversations, we do not say “you have arrived” but we say: “you have arrived”, so in songwriting, we must pay attention to the fact that folk language and literature must be the instrument of the songwriter, contrary to what most people think. I said that writing songs is more difficult than composing poetry.

A poet who does not yet know the names of musical instruments and does not understand rhythm and harmony in music and is not even familiar with this art in general must not content himself with the singing of his poem, the importance of combining poetry and singing should not be forgotten, this combination The songwriter and the composer and the singer must do it together.

Thank you for being with Ahmad Mousavi, a popular Iranian singer, until the end of NetNewsLedger’s exclusive interview.

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