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HUDSON – Local health officials are denouncing a recent COVID direct mail.

A letter sent to more than 33,000 households in Columbia County draws the attention of local health authorities to its claim about COVID-19 vaccinations for children.

The flyer encourages residents to visit the DoWeNeedThis website. The site is an initiative of Erich Kress and his friends.

Kress said she partnered with a nonprofit called the New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights, which helped them send the mail last weekend.

According to DoWeNeedThis, they are knowledgeable local citizens imagining their own “future that includes medical freedom and democracy for all.”

“The purpose of the leaflet is education. Kress said. “There is really a limited view of the information people can get through the mainstream and regular media. “

He said they wanted people to be educated so that they could make the best decision for their children. The front of the envelope shows an image of a needle on top of a vaccine vial. In big bold letters, he asks: “Isn’t that playing Russian roulette with our children?” The back of the letter includes information the leaflet calls “facts,” but the Department of Health maintains much of it is inaccurate.

County residents received the mail last weekend, before the Columbia County Department of Health began administering COVID-19 vaccines to young school-aged children in a series of Pods this week.

“We didn’t know they would be coming so soon,” Kress said. “We thought we had more time, and it took us a long time to sort out the mail problem because we had to do everything ourselves to save money because we don’t have the money. And we thought we had a lot of time.

Columbia County Department of Health Director Jack Mabb has urged people to make an informed decision about immunizing their children.

“I don’t necessarily encourage people to get it, I encourage people to make an informed decision,” Mabb said. “They have free choice here. This information which is presented in this leaflet is false.

The shipper claims the shot is an experimental biotechnology that has never been tested on people. Mabb said it wasn’t.

“It’s been in development for 20 years,” Mabb said. “So it’s not new, it has been used in clinical situations. What they say is not an exact statement.

The vaccine is new in that it was developed specifically for COVID, Mabb said. He said it was not experimental.

“I think these numbers are wrong,” Mabb said. “Myocarditis, we saw this, I think we saw eight cases when they were in the early stages, they stopped, CDC and FDA and they looked at it, they moved on, it didn’t there are not 10,950 cases. “

The shipment also includes a list of what it claims to be the number of adverse reactions reported as a result of the COVID shot.

“They are not citing their source for any of this data,” Mabb said. “So for me, as a parent thinking about this, one of my questions would be what is your source, where do you get this data from, can I read it myself somewhere and I don’t see them. “

Nationally, statistically, about a third of parents said they would get their child immunized immediately, Mabb said. He said another third of the parents said they were going to wait, and a third said they weren’t going to get it at all.

“Obviously, this could have an impact on those who decided to wait,” Mabb said. “But I don’t think it will have a huge impact because I think people are savvy. They can go to the CDC website and they can look at some of the side effects, they can look at the research that was done with the Pfizer vaccine and see what the clinical studies have shown. “

Local pro-vaccine lawyer Michael Richardson said the group crossed a line in sending the mail.

“It’s sabotage,” Richardson said. “It’s not just a coincidence that they started doing it. This is literally being done as Jack rolls out these school modules. So we see it as a sabotage effort.

Richardson said it’s not just a matter of individual freedom of choice. He said he can be compassionate with someone who asks not to tell him what to do with his own children, but this sender is trying to cause fear and reluctance so that they don’t get their children vaccinated.

“This is a fear campaign to increase the reluctance of parents to have their children vaccinated,” Richardson said. “It’s a fear campaign, and they used the US Postal Service to do it.”

Deborah Maine, professor emeritus at Columbia University School of Public Health and member of the Community Health Action Committee agreed that the senders are sabotage.

“It is terrible and tragic that this group is trying to sabotage efforts to prevent COVID deaths among children in Columbia County,” Maine said. “They imply that COVID is not dangerous for children, but CDC records show that nearly 1,000 children have already died from COVID, of which nearly a third are under the age of five.”

Another claim about the sender is that “not a healthy child has died from COVID.” Maine said if you have COVID you are not healthy.

More than 500 students have signed up to receive a COVID injection in the pods this week, Mabb said. He said 101 signed up for the Hudson pod, 64 in New Lebanon, 78 in Taconic Hills, 229 for the Chatham Fire Station pod and 32 for the Germantown pods. Children who are vaccinated with these pods will receive a coupon for a free scoop of ice cream from Stewart’s Shop.

Parents also have the option of having their child vaccinated at pharmacies, Mabb said. Vaccinated children are not required to self-quarantine if exposed to someone who tests positive because they have no symptoms. He said this saves parents from having to find child care if their child is potentially exposed at school.

“A lot of people have already had their children vaccinated,” Mabb said. “It’s a factor, when you get your child vaccinated and they don’t have to be quarantined, it’s an important thing for parents. If they’re vaccinated and they don’t have symptoms, they can still come to school and still take the bus and everything.

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