Guidelines related to hip hop Music Submission

As soon as you know where to submit music to hip hop blogs, it’s vital to have your stuff formatted appropriately. You should give the good chance to yourself to get your music placed on a reputed hip hop blog you submit it to.

1. Quality of the Audio
Before placing your music, you are required making sure that it’s properly formatted and of high quality. Take the help of an engineer for mastering or mixing your tracks, once you complete your recording. Write out loads of metadata fields (for example, Album Name, Artist Name, Song Title etc.) on your MP3’s. This will help people to easily find out for you once they download your track.
2. Contact Information
The main reason behind posting your music track to blog is to achieve more and more fans. Ensure that you give all the required contact info while publishing or releasing your music.
All blogs are exceptional. Before you submit music to hip hop blogs, it would be better to review some existing posts on the blogs. Check out what contact information is available on every post and be certain to comprise that information because it matches to you.

3. Be serene
Blogs are very active! Some blogs receive hundreds of thousands of e-mail on a regular basis. You should provide every blog time to reply, when you e-mail them. Avoid sending multiple e-mails with the same information and message. This will lead to bloggers block your e-mail ID.
4. Keep Money Ready
Well, blogging is a fast growing business. A few blogs will publish your content when you spend some money. Don’t ignore blogs simply as they ask fee for publishing content. The fee is typically fair thinking about how much traffic a few leading blogs receive daily.

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