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With Vienna’s past as the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its location in Central Europe, the city has a rich and complex history as well as contemporary cultural significance. Austria can often be overlooked in favor of Germany, but this geographically small country boasts a thriving cultural scene, diverse landscapes, and entanglement in the many thorny political issues of the moment. Oh, and did I mention the Alps?

After graduating from university, I spent two years teaching English in secondary schools in Austria as part of the Fulbright program and became interested in the country’s varied natural and cultural landscapes, including the regional dialects that students will also come to learn. Later, during my doctoral program, I studied literature in Graz and discovered the dynamic literary institutes that support cultural production.

I have designed this program for students wishing to advance their German language skills in an immersive setting and through exciting lessons that address contemporary issues and history. I look forward to welcoming students to an exciting new program in Vienna!

Kiley Kost, German lecturer

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