Genesis Ulloa, 8, will be San Francisco Carnival’s youngest grand marshal

SAN FRANCISCO — An 8-year-old poet from San Francisco shares her love of her culture through her work and will be featured as Grand Marshal in this year’s Carnival parade.

Genesis Ulloa is an 8-year-old girl who is wise beyond her years and eager to share her passion with others, that passion, writing poetry. Her work is mostly in Spanish and is filled with names and stories about notable personalities, history and a love of her culture, something close to her heart.

“Sometimes I feel like my place only belongs where I was born, but my parents always tell me I’m from Honduras too.” said Genesis. “It doesn’t matter if I was born here because I have their blood, and they have the blood of Honduras.”

Her love of writing began when her mother gave her a book of poetry so she could become a better reader.

“She told me that it would bring me more benefits in life and improve my learning,” Genesis said.

Her mother also gave her a notebook so they could work on poems together. Genesis says her mother is her biggest inspiration,

“That’s where my love of poetry started, because it inspired me.” she says.

Her parents came to the United States about 15 years ago from Honduras and are grateful that the community has embraced her love of poetry. Speaking through an interpreter, they expressed how proud they are of their daughter and hope to one day return to Honduras to inspire other children.

Genesis, who was born in San Francisco, has had the opportunity to perform her work all over the city, including City Hall and will also be featured as one of the Grand Marshals in the upcoming Carnival Parade.

“I recited a poem at City Hall, and I’m going to wear the exact same dress, it’s colorful and represents everything I love.”

The dress is a Latin-inspired dress, covered in bright red, purple, and pink flowers. As for her future, she hopes to continue her studies.

“The first thing I want to keep doing is keep studying, because studying is the most important thing, and keep writing and when I get older I can write more poems but in English”

Either way, his words are beautiful in any language.

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