Free benefit event will feature Ukrainian poetry, music and culture

“UNITED FOR UKRAINE”, a free benefiting evening of music, spoken word, dance and more, will take place at the Mahaney Arts Center on Saturday, April 23. Image design / Paul Dahm

Middlebury College students, alumni, faculty and staff will come together on Saturday, April 23 to present ‘United for Ukraine’, a beneficiary evening of music, spoken word, dance and more to honor culture Ukrainian. The event will take place at 7:30 p.m. in Robison Hall at the Mahaney Arts Center and will also be broadcast live.

“United for Ukraine” will include a variety of Ukrainian artistic and cultural offerings. Middlebury College students Rostyk Yarovyk, Mariia Dzholos, Kayla Schwartz and Teddy Best, along with Middlebury Union High School exchange student Diana Herasim, will read poetry aloud; other students will perform folk dances. Members of the Middlebury College Choir and the College Community Chorus will perform Ukrainian folk and sacred songs, and Vermont musicians Jessica Allen, Jeffrey Buettner and David Gusakov will share vocal and fiddle music. Masha Makutonina ’21 will dramatize the diary of journalist Asia Bazdyrieva from her entries in the Ukrainian capital kyiv. Guest artists will include Teryn Kuzma and Stephan Zaets of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, performing selections on the bandura, a Ukrainian stringed instrument traditionally used in folk music. Andriiana Ilkiv, a second-year Ukrainian student at Middlebury majoring in film, will be the evening’s host.

While the show is free and open to the public, resources on donating to reputable charities will be provided for anyone wishing to contribute.

“United for Ukraine” is organized by Masha Makutonina (2021 Middlebury graduate) in partnership with the Ukrainian Student Group, the Mahaney Arts Center and the Department of Music. Learn more online at

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