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Former Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy wrote a poem titled ‘Daughter’ to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral being held in London on Monday. Carol Ann Duffy, poet and playwright, was named British Poet Laureate by Queen Elizabeth II in 2009.

Carol Ann Duffy is Professor of Contemporary Poetry at Manchester Metropolitan University. Duffy resigned as Poet Laureate in 2019. Duffy was the first female poet, the first poet of Scottish descent, and the first openly gay poet to hold the position of Poet Laureate.

here is the poem Duffy shared before queen elizabeththe funeral of:

“Your mother’s daughter, you put your face

on the road

which ran along the river; behind you, the castle,

his aphasic ballroom,

flag down. Stoic, your outline a bow on a coin,

you followed the hearse

through the landscape of pain – a farmer, stood

on a tractor,

lifting his tweed cap; a group of fishermen

shouldering their sticks.

And now the villagers, silently raising

their adaptable phones.

Then the babies captivated up in the cities, until one day

to be informed that they were there.

But you had your mother’s eyes, like a horse on the loose

in a field;

a pheasant emerging from a hedge

like a tangled bouquet;

journeying through an autumn of aberrant love.

How they leaned in to glimpse their life again

in his death; reminded

categorical removals of Time, their own bereavements,

as she passed.

The high arch boost above a water wonder;

a faculty of ascent

into an anointing fire that has faded into a cloud.

Another nine listless gray miles to the old town; the last mile

an aristocratic mile,

where they aggregate ten deep like your mother showed you

what she had meant to say.

Dusk and downpours in London. Even the highways have stopped;

thousands of headlights in the rain

while you still overshadow it; some applause

aisles and bridges.

Soon they would seem to find that it had gone on

the age of grief;

that history was formerly advanced. The peak of melting ice

on top of the world.

This evening, palace of childhood; iphone torches join together

to the medieval flame.

So you slowed down and got used to her, her only daughter,

and only his daughter.”


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