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Film producer Ronnie Screwvala will share stories, failures and personal learnings from his career in his new book, aiming to draw the curtain on the professional world to give an insider’s perspective on sought-after ‘invisible’ skills. recognized by global companies, top recruiters and top CEOs.

Skill It, Kill It: Struggles, Sacrifices, and Success in Your Life and Career, published by Penguin Random House, is slated for release in July.
Screwvala says it’s not a self-help book. “The aim of this book is to lift the veil on the professional world to give you a glimpse of the ‘invisible’ skills sought and rewarded by global companies, top recruiters and top CEOs. The way I have chosen to do this is to share stories, failures and personal learnings from my career and what I have observed around me.

Before writing the book, he says he interviewed and spoke in focus groups with nearly 1,000 active professionals across the country, and the big questions and concerns that arose were related to the need for vocational guidance, help with general skills, priority management. and the weather better, and the need for inspiration.

He says he tried to cover all of this and more in the book.

“We are on the verge of a drastic shift in the workforce that will bring unprecedented changes in career paths. Every job, every role will require a change. Change will require new learning. Sales jobs will no longer be about giving presentations or pitching but understanding data, lead generation and conversions, marketing will not be about sending mature messages, but knowing where to find first your elusive customer then to communicate with the maximum clutter around them, ”he writes.

Complementing professional expertise with stronger soft skills is where one can shine above the crowd, he thinks.

“Developing and refining your soft skills will put you in the fast lane and allow you to stand out from the crowd, gain confidence and move forward. The skills will give you extra power beyond your degree and area of ​​knowledge (which everyone already has access to), ”he says.

In the book, Screwvala introduces readers to real people who have learned life skills on their own. The point is: if they can do it, so can you.
The author gives insights, wisdom, tips and secrets on soft skills that will keep you strong, confident, and on a path of steady growth, no matter the headwinds of global change.

“The reason why it is so crucial to acquire soft skills is that they are your best protection against the blinding speed and ferocity of change that industries and global markets will experience in the 2020s and 2030s. The answer appropriate to change is never fear, but preparation and focus.

“If you constantly improve your knowledge and skills through lifelong learning, you will be relevant, forward-thinking and on top of the latest advancements in your industry and specialization. It puts you in a solid career position, ”he says.

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Literary Prize honoring Randall Kenan awarded | Culture & Leisure https://riverandsoundreview.org/literary-prize-honoring-randall-kenan-awarded-culture-leisure/ https://riverandsoundreview.org/literary-prize-honoring-randall-kenan-awarded-culture-leisure/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 11:18:00 +0000 https://riverandsoundreview.org/literary-prize-honoring-randall-kenan-awarded-culture-leisure/

The Lambda Literary Awards presented the first-ever Randall Kenan award on Monday at its virtual Lammys ceremony. It was the first prize awarded for the event. Kenan won a Lambda Literary Award in 1992 for his novel “Let the Dead Bury Their Dead” and was on the faculty of Lambda’s Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices. He resided in Hillsborough and was an English teacher at UNC-Chapel Hill. Kenan passed away suddenly on August 28, 2020.

Much of his writing takes place in his home state of North Carolina and focuses on what it means to be poor, black, and gay in the South, shaping a presence that is often overlooked or avoided.

“He has had a great impact on many both as a writer, through his books, but also as a teacher and mentor,” said Sue Landers, Executive Director of Lambda Literary. “His death was surprising and the earth shook. I think in particular that black and gay and southern readers have seen each other in his work, and felt seen by his work.

Lambda Literary was created 30 years ago to recognize LGBTQ writers and the role they play in influencing the world. “We have a huge network of queer writers and readers, so in January we announced this award, along with three other awards that we give to the Lammys each year and the response has been very positive,” Landers said. “Because Randall was loved and people were so happy to see him honored in this way.”

The first recipient of the Randall Kenan Prize was Ana-Maurine Lara, a black feminist professor, novelist, poet and scholar. Lara was a finalist for a Lammy in Lesbian Poetry in 2017.

Reggie Harris, one of the award judges, said: “Submissions for the Randall Kenan Award for LGBTQ Black Fiction were very diverse in terms of plot, genre and style. They exemplified the vibrant diversity of our literature and the gloriously bizarre imaginations of our writers. It was a pleasure to read all of the submissions – making it a challenge to choose just one writer to receive the award. Ana-Maurine Lara’s excerpt from her novel “Erzulie’s Skirt” introduces the reader to Miriam and Micaela, and the time of women in captivity in Puerto Rico, after fleeing the Dominican Republic.

Lara plunges us into the story of their brutal and hallucinatory ordeal. Moving safely between the detention of women and their memories, visions and nightmares, the vivid writing makes the reader feel the confusion, despair and determination to survive of women. The prose is beautifully mastered, both disturbing and compelling, enticing the reader, eager to uncover the fates of Miriam and Micaela. Ana-Maurine Lara is a writer of real talent and creativity that deserves to be better known.

“Wow, what a huge honor. Honestly, I was really surprised because there are so many amazing black LGBTQ writers out there right now, ”said Lara. “And it really meant a lot to me that my peers and colleagues considered me worthy of this award.

“For me, Randall Keenan’s legacy is his unabashed beauty in his writing and his ability to imagine worlds beyond what we currently have. In some ways, even though I didn’t meet him in person while he was alive, I wish I had because I think we would have had conversations. The thing that our work has in common is that we walk between the boundaries of the magical and the mystical. And, you know, in that sense he’s such a continuous and deep inspiration to me, ”said Lara.

Sue Landers said the idea for the award came about when three close friends of Kenan approached her to pay tribute to him. “It’s a tribute to Randall, and it will also introduce new generations of readers to his work. We are delighted to be able to offer such a substantial cash prize to black LGBTQ writers at this time, ”she added.

Landers also said that recognition of the queer literary community is becoming increasingly important as more queer stories are shared and seen across all forms of media. “I think this is especially true in children’s literature. We are seeing an explosion of queer protagonists in literature for middle school children and young adults, and this is extremely important because, although these books are increasingly published, school students do not have much access to it. positive LGBTQ representation and stories. And it is extremely important for young people to see themselves reflected in the books and in the stories that are shared and validated in school. So we’re very excited about literature for children and teens in particular, and the huge growth of queer stories in these genres. But it’s true across the board that we’re seeing an increase in LGBTQ narratives in the books. “

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Joe Biden and the Tory Bust-Book https://riverandsoundreview.org/joe-biden-and-the-tory-bust-book/ https://riverandsoundreview.org/joe-biden-and-the-tory-bust-book/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 09:00:00 +0000 https://riverandsoundreview.org/joe-biden-and-the-tory-bust-book/

In the conservative book world, nothing is supposed to start a gold rush like a new Democratic president. Ever since Bill Clinton inspired a wave of right-wing bestsellers in the ’90s, publishing houses that cater to Republican readers have learned to make the most of a new villain in the Oval Office, producing controversies and revelations aimed at capitalizing on fear of the new president.

Unless the new president is Joe Biden.

His presidency may be young, but industry insiders have told me in recent weeks that the anti-Biden book market is freezing cold. Authors have little interest in writing them, editors have little interest in publishing them, and although the hypothesis has not yet been tested, it is widely believed that readers would have little interest in them. buy. In many ways, the dynamic represents a microcosm of the current political moment: Faced with a new president whose relative monotony is his superpower, the American right has gone in search of richer targets to raise.

For some in the publishing industry, the apparent lack of appetite is baffling. “In the past, it was like taking candy from a baby to write a book about the Democratic president,” a frustrated Conservative editor told me, requesting anonymity to speak candidly about internal business practices. Now? “Nobody is trying.”

For others, however, apathy makes sense. Eric Nelson, editor of Broadside Books, the conservative imprint of HarperCollins, told me that the right-wing media portrayal of Biden as a weak and confused old man is not conducive to book withdrawals. “No one watching Fox thinks Joe Biden is in charge of the country,” Nelson said. The popular narrative on the right is that Biden is sort of a figurehead whose White House is actually run by radical leftists behind the scenes. “If someone came to me and said, ‘I have a book on Biden’s secret plan to destroy America,’ I would ask, ‘How many times does the word nap appear in the index? ‘ Nelson said.

Ben Shapiro, the popular right-wing podcast host and author, echoed the sentiment. The president “has a deeply non-threatening personality,” Shapiro told me. “You feel a little bad attacking it, honestly, because it sounds like elder abuse.”

Aside if Biden’s perception of a goofy geriatric looks like the real thing, the fact that he’s so firmly entrenched in conservative media means he’s going to be hard to dislodge. To gain literary ground on the right, a villain must generate fear and outrage, not just ridicule. Consider the past three decades of conservative bestsellers. When Bill Clinton was on the cover, the books were laden with lascivious (and in many questionable) details about his alleged business and personal corruption. When it came to Barack Obama, the books portrayed him – mostly in thinly veiled racial terms – as a dangerous radical trying to transform America. And although she was never elected, the ominous prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency has generated years of right-wing bestsellers. (In 2006, while still a senator and considering her first presidential candidacy, reporter Ben Smith wrote that Clinton had already been the subject of about thirty books, with a dozen more in the works, and compared the Hillary book boomlet at The Da Vinci Code phenomenon.)

Jonah Goldberg, a former National exam Columnist who has written several popular conservative books, told me that it was never difficult to make Hillary Clinton look “sinister” to readers of a certain edge. “Hillary was sort of a Zelig figure of the post-60s left. Some associations were tenuous, but you could play the political equivalent of the Kevin Bacon game with her without needing more than a degree or two of separation. Black panthers! Communist law firms! Sidney Blumenthal! Saul Alinsky! Biden, an aging white man who spent decades in the Senate, on the other hand, is “a little conventionally boring.”

And there is another problem, Goldberg told me: “Most of the good ammunition against Biden – which I have deployed in the past – is not as effective after four years of Trump. He says crazy things! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! He has a ridiculous ego and lies about his genius and his expertise! All of this is true. But all of this has been normalized by Trump. For a conservative movement that has “been keeping it crazy for five years,” it’s hard to get excited about measured criticism of Biden and his policies.

“The right-wing market has become radicalized,” said Goldberg, who sharply criticized the Trump-era GOP. “Not just by QAnon-type stuff, but by years of anti-Clinton-and-Obama tariffs.”

For now, the most successful conservative writers are grappling with more abstract targets, such as “awakening” and “canceling culture.” A quick review of recent bestsellers suggests ignoring Biden may work very well. According to BookScan, which tracks most hardcover sales, Andy Ngo’s book on antifa, Unmasked, has sold over 77,000 copies (an indisputable success in political non-fiction), as has Rod Dreher’s novel Don’t live by lies, which presents itself as a “manual for Christian dissidents”. Next talk radio host Mark Levin American Marxism– which will address, among other topics, “Widespread Brainwashing of Students, the Anti-American Goals of Critical Race Theory and the Green New Deal,” according to its editor – is expected to be a huge hit when it releases in July.

Shapiro attributes this trend to a larger change he has noticed in his audience. While conservatives may not care about Biden, he told me, they are petrified by the broader progressive forces they see at work in American politics. “What people are afraid of right now are not powerful public figures. What people fear are their bosses, their neighbors, that they will be harassed on Twitter and be socially ostracized. Shapiro is betting that this is where the focus will stay: his own book to be released this summer will cover what he describes as “the takeover by the left of all great institutions.”

Of course, conservative publishers also grapple with an industry-wide problem: the end of the so-called “Trump is working.” After five years of bestseller lists dominated by books on Donald Trump – from journalistic investigations to MAGA hagiographies to pro-resistance revealers – the general interest in political non-fiction may return to earth. And by deliberately positioning himself as an antidote to the tragedy of the Trump era, Biden may only serve to cool the market further.

Adam Bellow, editor-in-chief at Bombardier Books who helped popularize the anti-Clinton genre decades ago, predicted that some Biden-centric books will eventually hit the conservative market. But he told me that any attempt at a briefing could be hampered by the relative lack of journalistic firepower on the right, which weighs heavily on pundits and light on journalists. “One problem with the conservative media is… they don’t have sources in this administration,” he said. “No one will talk to them. “

Meanwhile, some in the conservative publishing world are determined to find a new bogeyman to fill the void left by Biden. One possibility is Anthony Fauci, whose advocacy for COVID-19 restrictions has angered large swathes of the right. (Faucian negotiation: the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history became a surprise hit when it was released in March, selling more than 68,000 copies.) But as the pandemic ends in America, Fauci’s resistance as an antagonist is called into question. Another option is Biden’s son Hunter, whose controversial personal life and business relationship has been covered extensively by Fox News. It is the subject of a forthcoming book, Laptop from hell, scheduled for this month of September.

A conservative editor told me that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York might be the more logical choice, given the fear of right-wing socialism, but cited a unique challenge in making the congresswoman appear menacing enough. : she to put the blanket. Instead, the editor said, the smart money goes to Vice President Kamala Harris, who could be reinvented in good writer hands as a sneaky puppeteer pulling the strings of the affable, mindless president. (Seems familiar?)

So far, however, no one – in the Conservative edition or the Republican Party – has solved the problem of the missing villains. And it’s not for lack of trying. Last month, when conservative author David Horowitz released his new book, The enemy within, the cover featured an array of so-called evil Democrats, including Harris, Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and more. It was expected to be a success; Horowitz’s latest book – a vigorous defense of Trump – had sold over 168,000 copies in hardcover alone. But apparently his readers weren’t quite so enamored with his new cast of characters. As of this writing, The enemy within sold 12,898 copies.

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Revisiting Peter Weir’s film “Dead Poets Society” 32 years later https://riverandsoundreview.org/revisiting-peter-weirs-film-dead-poets-society-32-years-later/ https://riverandsoundreview.org/revisiting-peter-weirs-film-dead-poets-society-32-years-later/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 07:00:39 +0000 https://riverandsoundreview.org/revisiting-peter-weirs-film-dead-poets-society-32-years-later/

(Credit: Touchstone Photos)

Peter Weir – “Society of the Dead Poets”

In the 1994 film Il Postino, a poor postman told Pablo Neruda that “poetry does not belong to those who write it but to those who need it”. This is the central thesis of Peter Weir’s 1989 drama about the age-old battle between idealism and realism. Over the years, Circle of Missing Poets provided comfort to some while others dismissed it as a collection of meaningless platitudes. Three decades later, the lure of Circle of Missing Poets has it always stayed or has it never existed in the first place?

Set in an elite boys prep school where everyone is white and privileged, Peter Weir captures the rigidity of a conservative environment where parents project unrealistic expectations on their children and teachers literally spank students to comply. Obedience is drilled into their malleable skulls and the means are justified by the so-called noble end – they will all become doctors, lawyers, bankers and engineers. Weir constructs a compelling representation of the education system as visualized by Louis Althusser, Ideological State Apparatuses That Successfully Fabricate Subjects Instead of “Free” Individuals.

Many cite Robin Williams’ performance as Mr. Keating, the unconventional English teacher, as one of the “inspiring” elements of Circle of Missing Poets. They are not wrong, as Keating was purposely designed to be a disruptive force in the suffocating atmosphere of Welton Academy. It frees boys from meaningless literary theories that are intentionally obscured by their authors to pass as “deep.” Instead, Keating takes the boys out of the classroom and engages in methods of teaching poetry that seem radical but make just as much sense as mathematical analyzes of the greatness of literature. .

In its terribly unconvincing trial for Atlantic, Kevin JH Dettmar argues that the biggest failure of Circle of Missing Poets is that he is “anti-intellectual” in his treatment of literary scholars. He insists that academics who have dedicated their lives to writing esoteric and onanistic research papers on equally complacent subjects are hurt by Society of Dead Poets populist approach to understanding poetry. On the contrary, Peter Weir’s film is so insufficient because his critique of literary criticism is not scathing enough. Dettmar writes as an accomplice to epistemological dogmatism just to seek validation from STEM researchers: “We will insist on being welcomed to the table as professionals. In doing so, he refuses to recognize the demand for reform to an outdated system that dispenses obsolete knowledge and claims it is revealing.

While many of the dramatic elements of the narrative are inherently flawed (such as the preoccupation with First World issues or the way a suicide is described in an almost comic manner), it would be wrong to dismiss Society of Dead Poets ideological message completely. Underneath all of Hollywood didacticism, Weir actually addresses a relevant development in the realm of literary criticism. Roland Barthes famously wrote that criticism will die if we do not regard the authors of the texts we read as dead, ushering in a multiplicity of our own interpretations that form the basis of the real value of art. Keating advocates the same, albeit in a sensational way, but it’s only a professional risk for a supposedly rebellious teacher in a movie.

Society of Dead Poets The emphasis on the importance of nonconformity and free thought while being trapped in the pernicious framework of the education system is exhausting because it has been repeated so often. Weir orchestrates everything in an efficient way that achieves his goal of manipulating the audience into falling in love with the idea of ​​poetry. Somewhere along the way, he forgets to ask us to think more deeply about the ideological indoctrination perpetuated by a faulty system. Enough unfortunately, Circle of Missing Poets pulls his punches during his criticism of the academic posture. Due to the reluctance of geriatric academics who refuse to let go of their educational insecurities, the waning relevance of literary criticism continues to be an observable and tragic phenomenon.


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Set of the annual Willard Library Book Sale for this Saturday https://riverandsoundreview.org/set-of-the-annual-willard-library-book-sale-for-this-saturday/ https://riverandsoundreview.org/set-of-the-annual-willard-library-book-sale-for-this-saturday/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 02:05:52 +0000 https://riverandsoundreview.org/set-of-the-annual-willard-library-book-sale-for-this-saturday/

Now that Memorial Day weekend is officially in our rearview mirror, summer is underway in all tri-states. Well, technically the first official day of summer isn’t until June 20, but school is out, which means summer has started. Either way, you may need to find something to keep the kids and yourself occupied over the next few weeks, so why not grab a book … or 10.

The Willard Library will be holding its annual book sale this Saturday (June 5, 2021) on the lawn of their location at the corner of First Avenue and Division Street from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. after having to cancel last year’s sale due to concerns and the uncertainty surrounding the COVID pandemic at the time.

Now that the COVID numbers are moving and continue to move in the right direction, and the CDC has relaxed its mask-wearing guidelines for those who have been vaccinated, Willard is ready to sell you a ton of books.

According to the description of the event on their website, the library will seek to unload approximately 2,000 books of a variety of different genres. Do you like a good murder mystery? How about a political thriller? Maybe you’re more of the steamy romance type? Or you like to cook meals in the kitchen and are looking for something new to do. Whatever your flavor (no pun intended), there’s a good chance you’ll find plenty of options to choose from during the sale.

The books will be sorted by category and packaged in bags of 10 with a bag of adult books at $ 5 and a bag of children’s books at $ 2 each.

The sale will also include local food trucks, Fuego’s Taqueria, Lashbrooke’s Barbecue and Sassy Sweets Confections, as well as activities for children. At the time of this writing (Tuesday, June 1), the weather appears to be cooperating with a forecast of sunny skies and temperatures in the 80’s. However, we do know that Mother Nature can be fickle and tends to change her mind. any time. If so, the sale will be postponed to Saturday June 12th.

[Source: Willard Library]

WATCH: The 100 Best Places to Live in the Midwest

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Subsequent lines of therapy increase humanistic and economic burden of CML https://riverandsoundreview.org/subsequent-lines-of-therapy-increase-humanistic-and-economic-burden-of-cml/ https://riverandsoundreview.org/subsequent-lines-of-therapy-increase-humanistic-and-economic-burden-of-cml/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 00:50:10 +0000 https://riverandsoundreview.org/subsequent-lines-of-therapy-increase-humanistic-and-economic-burden-of-cml/

After first-line treatment has failed, patients may receive an increased dose of the same TKI, switch to another TKI, switch to interferon or chemotherapy, or to have a stem cell transplant.

Researchers performed a literature review to understand the humanistic and economic burden in patients with CML receiving different lines of ITK. They noted that “there is an unmet need for new treatments for heavily pretreated CML-CP patients.”

They searched for literature published from 2001 to July 2020 that included humanistic and economic data for adult patients with CML. A total of 1601 records were identified, but ultimately only 33 publications were included in the review. Eleven were journal articles and 22 were conference abstracts.

Most studies assessed humanistic burden: 23 reported on HRQL and 5 reported on symptom burden. “Physical function and emotional function were the most severely affected quality of life areas in most studies,” the authors reported.

One study found that 58% of patients treated with first- or second-line TKIs had mild quality of life alterations, 11% moderate alterations and 31% severe alterations. The most frequently reported symptoms were fatigue, musculoskeletal pain and sleep disturbances. One of the studies reported 19 symptoms associated with CML.

Ten studies reported data on costs and 5 on resource use. The main contributors to the increased costs associated with treatment failure in subsequent treatment lines were inpatient services, emergency department visits, outpatient care, and laboratory tests.

“Total costs per month increased dramatically for patients who switched from first-line treatment to second-line treatment,” the researchers wrote.

According to one study, for patients who failed first-line treatment, the average cost in 2012 US dollars was $ 78,677, which rose to $ 99,624 for patients who failed second-line treatment and $ 181,029 for patients whose third-line treatment has failed.

Patients who switched to subsequent lines of treatment had more emergency room, hospital and outpatient visits than patients who remained on the initial line of TKI treatment.

“Overall resource use was higher for patients who failed 2 lines of therapy compared to those who failed 1 line of therapy,” the authors wrote.


Negi H, Agrawal R, Vieira J, Ryan J, Thakur D, Viana R. Humanistic and economic burden in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia – a review of the literature. Presented at: Virtual ISPOR 2021; May 17-20, 2021. Poster PCN231.

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“ A feminist in my own way ”: Romanian writer Magda Cârneci on her novel FEM – the Calvert Journal https://riverandsoundreview.org/a-feminist-in-my-own-way-romanian-writer-magda-carneci-on-her-novel-fem-the-calvert-journal/ https://riverandsoundreview.org/a-feminist-in-my-own-way-romanian-writer-magda-carneci-on-her-novel-fem-the-calvert-journal/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 11:55:44 +0000 https://riverandsoundreview.org/a-feminist-in-my-own-way-romanian-writer-magda-carneci-on-her-novel-fem-the-calvert-journal/

Magda Cârneci was established as one of Romania’s most prominent poets when she published her first novel, FEM, in 2011. The book was a radical departure from her earlier writing, as well as the literary tradition in which she works. FEMThe approach to the status of women – direct, complex and sometimes metaphysical – also represented a clear break with the Romanian literary scene dominated by men. A decade later, a new English translation by Sean Cotter brings Cârneci’s unique approach to feminism to a global audience.

FEM takes the form of a long letter or a monologue, written by a woman (or “feminine creature”, as Cârneci explained to me) to a lover she plans to leave. The narrator, “Everyday Scheherazade,” recounts an eclectic mix of her life experiences, addressing both her lover and, it seems, herself. Her memories bounce between autobiographical details tinged with nostalgia and ruminations on gender, sexuality, aging and communication. Behind these memories hides a mystical, and sometimes metaphysical, approach to the female self.

Feminism arrived late in Romania, explains Cârneci, because of the nationalist and patriarchal character of its communist regime, as well as its censorship. For the writer, this means that she discovers the movement quite late in life, in her fifties. “In the 90s, I started down the same path as the most ardent Romanian feminists, Laura Grunberg and Mihaela Miroiu,” Cârneci recalls, “but then I followed a different career path, and although I supported them, I was not on the ideological front lines, fighting for women’s rights. Perhaps because of her own high standards for what a feminist should be and do, she now calls herself a ‘passive’ feminist, ‘feminist in my own way’.

When FEM first appeared in Romania, the mainstream literature largely ignored the female experience. “The condition of the female body and these ideas related to female ontology did not appear in Romanian literature at the time,” Cârneci says. The decision to focus so strongly on the female body by FEM, then, was a struggle for Cârneci, a struggle that was shaped by her experience abroad. When Cârneci moved to France in the 1990s, she discovered the writings of French feminists such as Julia Kristeva, Hélène Cixous and Luce Irigaray. She found herself drawn to these philosophers’ questioning of the gendered nature of communication and perception. Through these French feminists, Cârneci found a framework for understanding each other, as well as a language for writing about women. “I was reading about feminist psychoanalysis at the time, and it provided me with some kind of nourishment,” Cârneci says. The imprint of this feminist ideology is visible everywhere FEM, which Cârneci began to write when he was the director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris.

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Save on Cuisinart, Levi’s and more https://riverandsoundreview.org/save-on-cuisinart-levis-and-more/ https://riverandsoundreview.org/save-on-cuisinart-levis-and-more/#respond Mon, 31 May 2021 14:48:57 +0000 https://riverandsoundreview.org/save-on-cuisinart-levis-and-more/

You can usually find great deals on all of your daily essentials on Amazon, and this Memorial Day proves no different. As hundreds of retailers cut prices on clothing, beauty products, and more, Amazon is welcoming summer with incredible discounts on everything outdoors, in addition to finding stylish, seasonal clothing.

Whether you are preparing to entertain guests for the first time in over a year or just want to make your backyard your secret piece of heaven, you will probably want to spruce up your space and summer wardrobe. To make finding the must-have shopping finds a bit easier, we’ve reviewed Amazon’s Spring Into Summer event to feature all the best deals you won’t want to miss today.

Below you’ll find the best discounts on Levi’s Shorts, Ray-Bans and more. To shop this item by category, click on the links below:


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Firpearl one-piece swimsuit

Are you heading to the beach or sitting by the pool? A new swimsuit can help you feel confident no matter what your summer plans are. Over 2,300 verified reviews have given this swimsuit a five-star piece, emphasizing the flattering fit and tummy control.

Long dresses Auselily

The only thing better than a dress on a hot summer day is a dress with pockets – and this maxi dress ticks all the boxes. It’s available in over two dozen colors and patterns that you can wear anywhere, whether you dress it up or down.

Ray-Ban Craft Round Sunglasses

Don’t miss the chance to add these chic sunglasses to your shopping cart! With a 43% discount, you can brand these Ray-Ban frames for under $ 120.

Levi’s high waisted shorts for women

Did you know that this classic denim jeans brand also makes equally flattering shorts? With a high waist fit and not too revealing fit, you can feel fashionable and confident in these bestsellers.

Fun essentials

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Charcuterie boards have been a popular pre-dinner favorite for some time, so if you haven’t joined the trend yet, consider this opportunity. This bamboo board is on sale now for only $ 33!

Host Freeze Cooling Cup

Cocktails aren’t your thing? You can relax by the pool with a glass of chilled wine for a few hours with these innovative glasses on sale for under $ 22. They are made from a BPA free plastic and can also be used for juices, tea, and sodas.

Staaricc outdoor solar lights

Hang these decorative and energy efficient lights for $ 10 off. With a 4.7 star rating, they have won praise from over 300 verified reviewers.

Outdoor garden table umbrella

No hitch by the pool is complete without a bit of shade, and this top-notch umbrella will certainly provide plenty. The crank and tilt system and fade resistant fabric make this a choice that will last for many summers.

Margaritaville Bali Ice Cream Maker

Whether you’re hosting a few meetings this summer or just want to improve your cocktail game, a margarita maker is a must for frozen mixes. Thanks to Amazon’s Memorial Day deals, you can save $ 110 on this 4.4-star rated machine.

Backyard Essentials

Intex Inflatable pool

This easy-to-install pool can inflate in minutes and has been rated 4.1 stars on Amazon. Note: You will need to separately purchase a filtration pump to use it.

Amazon Basics Outdoor String Lights

Economical and modern, these high-end string lights are a must have in any backyard. An 18% discount puts them at just $ 35.

Homenote Hot Plate Accessory Kit

Spatulas are essential for grilling, so consider this set a great deal! It includes two oversized spatulas, two grill spatulas, a flat-rimmed scraper chopper, and two squeeze bottles for under $ 25.

Songmics hanging chair

This boho chair can complement any living space (and makes a wonderful place to curl up with a book). Right now, you can get more than 20% off.

Inno Stage Wicker Picnic Basket

Your deli board is just one component for the perfect picnic, but luckily, this set will take care of the rest. It comes with cutlery, blanket, plates and more.

Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill

Memorial Day is often thought of as synonymous with grilling and opening the pool, but if you’re in the market for a new charcoal grill, you don’t have to worry about splurging. Today, you can save $ 50 with this find from Royal Gourmet, which includes heat control and a side table.

Christopher Knight Iron Outdoor Side Table

Complete your patio setup with this stylish side table. The vibrant decor piece is made from iron and only requires light assembly.

Keystone Window Air Conditioner

The summer heat calls for fans, air conditioners and just about anything that can help keep you cool. Thanks to this Amazon markdown, you can add this 4.5 star unit to your cart for just $ 189.

Dreo 42 “tower fan

This oscillating fan is the fifth best-selling home fan on Amazon and has garnered over 3,100 five-star buyer verified reviews. “Excellent fan! The noise level is very low, and even at the highest speed the noise is soothing and not loud, ”wrote a recent auditee. critical.

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Gašper Kralj wins the Cankar Prize for the best original Slovenian literature of the past year https://riverandsoundreview.org/gasper-kralj-wins-the-cankar-prize-for-the-best-original-slovenian-literature-of-the-past-year/ https://riverandsoundreview.org/gasper-kralj-wins-the-cankar-prize-for-the-best-original-slovenian-literature-of-the-past-year/#respond Mon, 31 May 2021 14:27:04 +0000 https://riverandsoundreview.org/gasper-kralj-wins-the-cankar-prize-for-the-best-original-slovenian-literature-of-the-past-year/

STA, May 31, 2021 – Gašper Kralj, a 47-year-old writer and translator, has won the Cankar Prize for best original literature published in the past year. He was awarded for his novel Škrbine (Stubs), a “story of unwritten stories”.

The hero of the novel sets out to write a story about his grandmother, of which there are hardly any traces in the archives of the institutions where she worked.

He records bits and pieces of his life and that of his grandmother on pieces of paper, bits that are read by a woman who tries to edit them into a possible story.

The award jury said the novel is a “compelling soul-searching” about the limits and possibilities of putting into words pieces of life that cannot be converted into a completed story.

The Cankar Prize of 5,000 euros, a tribute to the writer Ivan Cankar (1876-1918), is awarded each year to the best original literary work of the past year, published as an individual book in the Slovenian language.

The award-winning work may be from any area of ​​Cankar’s creative opus (a collection of poetry, a novel, a drama, a collection of short stories or essays).

It was established in 2019 by the Slovenian PEN, the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU), the SAZU Research Center and the University of Ljubljana.

The first recipient, declared last year, was Sebastijan Pregl for the novel V Elvisovi Sobi (In Elvis’s Room), a novel about a generation that grew up as the former Yugoslavia slowly disintegrated.

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BULLETIN BOARD: Monday May 31 | County life https://riverandsoundreview.org/bulletin-board-monday-may-31-county-life/ https://riverandsoundreview.org/bulletin-board-monday-may-31-county-life/#respond Mon, 31 May 2021 04:00:00 +0000 https://riverandsoundreview.org/bulletin-board-monday-may-31-county-life/


  • JT-Minnie Maude Charitable Trust Accepting Scholarship Applications: The JT-Minnie Maude Charitable Trust reminds non-traditional students of the trust’s next deadline, June 1, for submission of scholarship applications. Non-traditional students residing in Caswell, Danville / Pittsylvania, Halifax, Martinsville / Henry and Rockingham counties are encouraged to visit the trust website. www.jtmm.org for scholarship guidelines, instructions and how to apply.


  • DRAWING LESSONS: Free basic drawing lessons are offered to active older adults at the YMCA South Boston / Halifax County at 11:30 am No membership required and no experience required. Registration is required by calling 434-572-8909. A Zoom link is provided for those who wish to attend virtually. Classes are offered by the Parsons Bruce Art Association and the YMCA South Boston / Halifax County.


  • Senior Exercise Group Walk of Hope: The Halifax County Cancer Association benefit event will be held at the Halifax County High School bus parking lot starting at 7 a.m. Envelopes to raise funds for the Seniors Walk are available at the Recreation Center located at 1620. Jeffress Blvd. in South Boston.


  • Make and Take Fairy Garden at the Halifax Farmers Market: The Southside Master Gardener Association will be offering a make-and-take-out fairy garden for kids from 9 a.m. to noon at the Halifax Farmer’s Market. Get the kids to participate in this fun event. For more information visit www.ssmga.org or call the Halifax Post Office Helpdesk at (434) 830-3383.
  • Run for Justice: Race Director John Wilt announces the 20th annual Run for Justice Kid’s 2K, 5K Walk or 10K and 10K community events scheduled for June 12. All events will take place at Angler’s Park and Riverwalk Trail in Danville starting at 9 a.m. The kids’ race starts at 9:10 am The annual race for justice includes rewards, refreshments and door prizes. Running flyers have been mailed out or walkers or runners can pick up an entry form at the Brick Running & Tri Store, 410 Main Street. Participants can also register on the Danville Running & Fitness Club website or at the active.com. The race for justice is one of the activities of the professional chapter Alpha Upsilon Lambda of the American Criminal Justice Association-Lambda Alpha Upsilon. For more information, call 434-770-8822.


  • HUNT-WALLER MEETING: The meeting will be held at the Mulberry Baptist Church in Nathalie. Religious service at 11:00 a.m. Lunch will be at 12:45 p.m. in the fellowship room with the option of eating outside in the picnic pavilion. Bring a picnic and photos to share. Contact Effie Mae at 434-349-6403 or Marie at 434-349-3310, for more information. Share this information with other family members.


  • AARP MEETINGS: On September 1, the local AARP group may be able to meet again. More details will follow.


  • AA MEETINGS: Halifax Alcoholics Anonymous meetings resumed in person on Saturday at noon (AA literature / book study) and Sunday (women’s discussion) at 5 p.m. at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 197 Mountain Road , Halifax. Meetings are also online. Masking and social distancing guidelines will be followed. The 7:30 a.m. online meetings are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. These open meetings can be followed by phone or using the Zoom platform. To access in-person and online meetings, call the District Hotline 434-799-4111 or email HalifaxWeCovery@gmail.com.

The deadline for submitting articles to the bulletin board is Friday noon. Sent by e-mail to news@gazettevirginian.com. Items are published as space permits.

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