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Live from the broadcast booth, Paul Page captured the excitement of 27 Indy 500 races, first as the “Voice of the Indy 500” for the radio broadcast, then as the chief announcer for the broadcast. ABC. From his first run as a stand reporter to his semi-retirement in 2016, generations of fans witnessed the greatest racing spectacle, as told by Paul Page.

In a life shaped only by the Indy 500, Page fell in love with racing and the Speedway as a teenager, and it became his obsession. After receiving his first press pass in 1965, Page has become a staple of Gasoline Alley and a trusted friend and confidant to generations of drivers, mechanics and owners.

Here’s more with Paul and Randy and how you can get your hands on Paul’s latest book, “Hello, I’m Paul Page” It’s race day in Indianapolis. ”

His rise to fame follows a relentless pursuit of his dream, overcoming many obstacles along the way: dropping out of college, a detour during the Vietnam War, the suicide of his mentor and recovering from a terrible helicopter crash. No matter the setback, he took every opportunity to learn the craft of audiovisual journalism and the sport of motor racing.
In a career that spanned ABC, NBC, CBS, and ESPN, Page wore a helmet for every race and contest imaginable: from Indy cars to drag races, from the Olympics to the America’s Cup, and from the X-Games to Nathan’s Hot Dog. Restoration competition. But his heart was still in Indianapolis with the drivers, owners and fans. Page weaves the history, lore and lore of Indianapolis Motor Speedway with its own history as it traces six decades.

Page’s new book can be pre-ordered wherever the books are sold. So please check local bookstores and online bookstores. Also check local listings in and near major INDY Race Car sites for possible virtual author signatures, newspaper interviews, podcasts, radio and TV appearances of the author in April and May 2021.
Quotes: “There are only a few non-driver names you hear that you immediately associate with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indy 500, in particular. Paul Page is one of these emblematic figures of the IMS. By his voice, Paul. . . brought the excitement of the Indy 500 to fans around the world. When I meet Indy 500 fans and ask them for their earliest memories of the 500s, many credit Paul Page for showcasing them at the event and sowing the seeds of a love affair with the Indianapolis 500. ”- Doug Boles, President of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, NOTE, April 28, 2016

“To this day, when I hear Paul Page’s voice, it feels like race day and our cars are about to take the green flag. For years, Paul has helped bring the race to life, taking his listeners and viewers inside the booth and under the helmet with his passion for the sport and his insight into the personalities and stories that unfold in the backstage. He told us about some of the greatest performances and most dramatic moments of the race. . . . But as skillful as he describes the racing action, it’s his unique way of bonding with competitors while bringing fans closer to our sport that made it so special. I appreciate everything Paul has done to help take the racing in new directions and hope you enjoy looking back on his journey through motorsport ”- Roger Penske, Winningest Indy Team Owner Car and owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

About the Author: Paul Page is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster who was nominated for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame. He is the recipient of the Russo Founders Award, the highest honor from the American Auto-Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association. His television coverage of the Indianapolis 500 has twice received the Emmy for Outstanding Live Sports Special. He was also nominated for the Sportscasters Hall of Fame. He received numerous Associated Press awards and other accolades during his tenure as a radio journalist. He lives in Indianapolis.


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