EPIC Poetry Group: Poet’s Corner – Secrets, What I Saw, Rebirth

Here is the latest opus from Poet’s Corner, presented by EPIC Poetry Group based in Edmonds.


Contemplate a poem
on secrets
and how they hold us
breathless, sometimes sad
but above all responsible
by their force.

I host an old secret
hidden deep inside
so painful
I can hardly breathe.
Personal, my version of disgrace
and I want to release it.

in prayer with
silent whispers
of our hearts
secrets we can’t control
with revelations to bring us

We know the secrets of
magic potions
and family recipes
guarded by ancestors
and ourselves.
A memory of joy
or a curse of reality
we will never pronounce.

And fools flouting power
and piss in the wind
they conceal secrets
with the disappearance of
life as we know it
in their hands.

Diane naab

~ ~ ~ ~

What I saw

Fleeting moments in time
we will not see each other again.
But this time
I took a moment
to savor what my eyes
try to understand.

While I was walking
the crowded street
I saw a great well dressed
gentleman talking
to a homeless person –
short or maybe slumped
by the weight of his life.

They both spoke
but their words were stifled.
And as I approached
what I saw
what I heard.

A caring man
hire another
need kindness
and maybe understanding.
What i heard was
an attentive ear.
A real conversation
with a need
be heard.

How sad when we
assume so much
at a glance
and a shrug.

But not on this day.
What I saw was compassion
for another human being
without judgement.
A subtle meeting of minds
for a short while.

And as they shook hands
maybe a bill passed
this connection.

Diane naab

~ ~ ~ ~


Random rings
of all sizes
croissant, fondant
in the shadows
trees and stones
so sweet
like the breath
sleeping fog
rest in the forest
bring comfort
and peace
it consumes my being
hypnotize my soul
I am one with the wonder of life
I am the forest
I am spirit
I am

Diane naab

~ ~ ~ ~

Diane Naab is an artist, former art gallery owner, world traveler and published author, now living in the Seattle area.

His poetry and short stories have been published in four consecutive issues of the annual literary review, Interior passages, in Southeast Alaska. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and has written for the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA).

Her literary background includes attending writing workshops run by PNWA, BARN Writers from the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network, Seattle7Writers Alumni, Tacoma Community College, and Gamble Creek Studio.

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