Emily Atack takes help from poetry to deal with ‘personal struggles’

Emily Atack takes help from poetry to deal with ‘personal struggles’

Emily Atack shares her favorite post-split poem.

Emily revealed she turns to poetry to help her cope with her personal struggles as she took to Instagram on Saturday to share her favorite poem, before admitting that “things have been tough lately. time”.

Reflecting on her difficult times, Emily explained how the poem helps her “enjoy the little moments of joy” before urging her fans not to miss such moments.

Emily shared an image of Wendy Cope’s poem, The Orange, which reads in part: ‘This orange made me so happy, as ordinary things often do’. Just lately. Races. A walk in the park is peace and contentment. It’s new.’

Alongside the full poem, Emily wrote, “Things have been rough lately. In more ways than one, for so many people.

“One thing I have found great love for is poetry, and in the face of my own personal struggles I turn to them, and remembered this poem today. One of my absolute favorites – The Orange by Wendy Cope.

Emily’s reference to her ‘difficult time’ may be because she reportedly split from boyfriend Liam McGough, just two months after going Instagram official with him.

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