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D: A story of two worlds

By Michel Faber

Posted by Doubleday

ISBN 978 0 8575 2510 9

Originally from Somaliland in the Horn of Africa, high school student Dhikilo Saxardiid Samawada Bentley now lives with her adoptive parents, Mr and Mrs Bentley, in a small coastal town in the south of England.

One morning, Dhikilo wakes up at his usual time, but as the day progresses a very strange situation unfolds. The letter D has disappeared. It is absent from everything Dhikilo reads, and people around her utter words as if there had never been a “D” in it.

A dystopian steampunk novel with a hint of “The Hunger Games”

It begins with her parents’ conversation at the breakfast table, when the letter was missing from every word from her parents. The road signs on the way to school are all missing. His friends start to call him “Hikilo”. Soon the town dentist and the dog next door vanish into thin air. What’s going on ?

The situation worsens and Dhikilo begins to wonder if something strange is affecting his brain. School gets ridiculous as teachers cross out all Ds in their work. No one else noticed this strange change in language. For everyone, the letter D simply never existed.

Dhikilo keeps his mouth shut and continues as usual, hoping that this strange phenomenon will be corrected.

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When her former history teacher, Professor Dodderfield, passes away, she goes to his funeral and senses that something is wrong there, too.

Dhikilo decides to investigate and goes to the professor’s home, where she is shocked to find the old man alive and well. And he knows who takes the D of the English language, and he enlists Dhikilo to go on a mission to a foreign country to save the letter.

Without question or fear, Dhikilo passes through a portal in the professor’s attic in the snowy land of Liminus, and his mandate is to save the D from the evil ruler, the Grand Gamp.

Vega Jane is a heroine to root for

On her journey to Gamp Palace, she encounters many strange peoples and tribes – the Spottletoes, Magwitches, Quilps and Droods; some of whom are friendly while others are hostile.

Why does the Gamp steal D’s and what does it do with them? And will Dhikilo find a way to stop it?

As the plot progresses, she stays in the sinister Bleak House, must escape the guillotine of the Gamp, and when she is finally captured, the Gamp – like a Wizard of Oz – n it’s not all that it was built. up to be.

that of Michel Faber D: A story of two worlds is a mind-blowing fantasy adventure with nods to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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And in the author’s note, he acknowledges his debt to Charles Dickens (Ickens?) For having inspired the fantastic characters that Dhikilo meets on the road to Gampalonia.

Award-winning writer of adult fiction and non-fiction, Faber tells this enchanting tale with a combination of wit and beautiful language. The plot is simple, yet engaging and enjoyable. It’s imaginative writing without the heaviness that hangs over many other fantastic young adult novels.

D: A story of two worlds is a captivating adventure that will thrill fantasy fans of all ages looking for a unique and memorable read.

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