Literature Prizes

“Maidan was the best time of my life:” meet Andriy Lyubka, the rising star of Ukrainian literature – The Calvert Journal

Carbide, Lyubka’s 2015 hit, takes place shortly after the revolution. It was shortlisted for the BBC Ukraine Book of the Year 2015 award, one of the country’s most prestigious literary awards. The English translation of Reilly Costigan Humes and Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler’s novel was recently released by Jantar in 2020; …

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Alice Munro, master of the short story, at 90

Dear Life was the title Munro gave to his 2012 short story collection – possibly his last. Some stories are inspired by the author’s life. If the other stories also explore the destinies of women, you never get the impression that feminism was the main issue. Alice Munro has published …

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Science exit

Comment marinasb 11 hours ago – When I worked as a show producer for the BBC, I became deeply aware of the disconnect between science and people. In the BBC’s vast array of programming, science and scientists seemed to be in a box of their own. They lived in ivory …

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