Book fair: Answer 6 questions about literature and enter for tickets

The Buenos Aires Book Fair is considered the most important Spanish-speaking fair in the world and is among the five most important fairs in the world, along with those of Frankfurt, Guadalajara, Paris and BookExpo America, in the United States.

Right now the 47th edition is taking place and we suggest you get excited with this quiz, show what you know about literature and participate by Tickets for the Book Fair.

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TN at the Book Fair: come and chat with the woolly mammoth

Like every year, we are present at the Salon du livre, bringing innovative developments closer to the public.

Why a woolly mammoth? The woolly mammoth is a species that inhabited Asia and Europe 6,000 years ago. In October 2021, the “Phenomena” Jose Bianco and Matias Bertolotti They talked about the international project that seeks to “resurrect” the animal.

It is an initiative in which an Argentinian biotechnologist: Ramiro Perrotta. To illustrate the news this technological development has been used in a virtual studio. Now we’re taking him to the fair so you can interact with him.

Discover the TN stand at the Book Fair

TN journalists at the Book Fair

Schedule the next talks of our journalists:

6/5 20.00 Where no one comes. Notes on TN coverage within the country. Argentina is gone. A country in quarantine. The last corner of the country. With Paula Bernini. Journalist for TN and Channel 13. (Stand Grupo Clarín)

7/5 15.00 The price of food, from field to table. Crisis or opportunity? – Mauricio Bártoli – Editor-in-chief of TN Campo in dialogue with the economist of the FADA Agricultural Foundation, David Miazzo (Stand Grupo Clarín)

7/5 20.30 Hack Argentina. Carolina Amoroso and Juan Meiriño present their book. From Marcos Galperín to Gino Tubaro, what do the main leaders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem think about it? With a prologue by Jorge Lanata (Salle Alejandra Pizarnik)

8/5 18.00 The Ukrainian war in the first person, with Nelson Castro and Carolina Amoroso, special envoys. (Clarin Group booth)

13/5 20.00 We are what we say. With Charlie Lopez, author of “Why do we say? and “We are what we say”, The origin of the sayings that we Argentines use. (Clarin Group booth)

14/5 18.00 How to create compost by reducing waste. Felipe Castro – Gardener. Author of “I want more green”. Host of the “Our Garden at Home” segment on TN. (Clarin Group stand)

15/5 17.00 Criminal stories. with Ricardo Canaletti Journalist, writer and host of TN’s “Cámara del Crimen”. (Clarin Group booth)

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