Blank beanies: express your inner stylist with élan

Fashion has been striving to bridge the gap between the two primary genders available today, with the assistance of the minor genders. If you are a man and watching and reading articles about people wearing blankbeanies,have angered you to no extent in your homophobic backyard, note that David Beckham looks drop dead gorgeous in a beanie, and he will always be a hundred times the man your bigoted self could ever dream of being.

The various kinds of blank beanies
Nowadays there are innumerable varieties of men’s headwear available, and beanies have jumped to the fore with endorsements from various celebrities and superstars seen sporting them while outside. Blank Beanies have no patterns or designs on them, and they generally come in single or double colors in various parent materials. Following are the most prevalent styles of beanies available for men:
• Slouch beanie: as mentioned earlier, David Beckham comes first to mind when one is thinking of a man effortlessly pulling off a beanie. The ideal way to wear a slouch beanie to stretch is as backwards as you can, allowing the excess fabric to slouch over your ears marginally. This is great for a laid back look with subtle overtures.

• Hipster Beanie: The timeless workman look is the latest victim of the hipster era, with douches with beanies and man buns with e-cigarettes and fidget spinners roaming free like wildebeest. The best way to look like it is by double rolling a standard one, which makes it more fitting to the head and allows you to wear it loosely without it sliding off.
How stylish can you become with a beanie?
There are many approaches when it comes to wearing beanies. Most people have their preferred style based on their head shape, and hair volume, etc. Other styles include high up, gangster, thug life, and decadent trust fund kid. Blank beanies give you a cool, trendy look while not stealing the show from the rest of your ensemble. So slouch that beanie on and get the party going long! 

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