Best TV series at Desi-Tashan

desi-tashan is an online platform for all the desi drama lovers. A single site for you so that you can get the entertainment from start to end. A simple very responsive and user-friendly site that can help you watch every series from different shows. All the shows like Kumkum bhagya from different sites are present at a single click.

Indian stories have always been about the values. The Indian tradition and culture where always showcased on the TV. We are proud people who show this tradition with all types of situations in it. For example, Yeh Hai Mohobatten is the world wide loved very popular series still going on. It is like more than 2 or 3 years that this show is successful and you can always have the pleasure to watch it.
The best thing about this desi series is that it connects the people. The character Ishita is the person who connects to every Indian girl, being a successful dentist and a very nice person herself. It’s how the characters have evolved from arguing about every single thing to falling love. The show has a deeper meaning, it shows the sensitive issue of a child, and how the divorces and separation of parents affect them.
A child is a simple and innocent person but the worldly knowledge that they lack and how they crave for love in every thing. The upbringing of the person is so much dependent on the environment they are around. The care they are given matters a lot. And all types of misunderstanding can only be solved if we express ourselves properly. Speaking is believing.
The show has a large impact on the thinking of the society. What matters and how much that matters are everything on that. The Desi-Tashan is trying to bring that for you and trying to help the society with such issues.

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