Best Book “Football for Dummies”

What is the best “Football for Dummies” book?

You can learn a lot from watching football on TV, but the commentary usually doesn’t explain all the intricacies. You can watch more detailed videos, but the best would be to have a football guide next to you.

So, if you’re new to football, you need the official “Football for Dummies” book. From understanding the slam to why wide receivers seem to run away in all directions and everything in between.

What you need to know before buying a “Football for Dummies” book

Paper version or Kindle?

Fortunately, technology has given us choice when it comes to book consumption. While the paperback version is great for physically browsing content, an electronic edition is compact and portable. Football books are usually available in both versions, but just keep in mind that illustrations and photos won’t look as clear on a Kindle e-reader.

How well do you know the sport?

You might think you need a ‘Football for Dummies’ book, but don’t underestimate yourself. The books cover all aspects of football, and if you already have a good grasp of tactics and techniques, a more advanced edition might be better suited. On the other hand, a book like this is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to learn more or just brush up on existing knowledge.

Versions updated for correct information

Before you unveil your new football knowledge, be sure of your facts. Although some fundamental football basics do not change, many records, facts, statistics and even stadiums will change every year. Keep the book version in mind, making sure to get the latest version with the most up-to-date information.

What to Look for in a Quality ‘Football for Dummies’ Book

Good explanations in simple terms

When you read a book to better understand the subject, you expect the content to be presented in a simplistic way. A good quality football reference book will contain many explanations in simple terms. The goal, after all, is to make sport meaningful. Only with simple terms can you understand complex movements or regulations.

Charts and graphs for better understanding

Words can only explain things up to a point. Next, the best way to visualize a tactic or maneuver is to use illustrations and photos. A quality resource will be filled with photos. From the description of the huddle to the various positions on the field, only illustrations or photos will do.

Competent writers with a flair for language

In addition to an excellent writing style, the author of a “Football for Dummies” book must be knowledgeable on the subject. Only a few authors can combine what they know with their excellent writing style. A great edition is usually written by Howie Long. He is a retired professional football defensive end with numerous career awards to his credit, including a Super Bowl championship and eight-time Pro Bowl winner.

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Football for Dummies’ book

The average price of these books depends on the format and the publisher. Paperback versions usually sell for $15 to $20, while the Kindle version can cost around $16. On some occasions, an audio CD will also be available, which can cost around $25.

Football for Dummies FAQ

Will non-Americans understand a football book?

A. Well, it will depend on their knowledge and interest in the sport. For most non-Americans, simple terms and positions will be unfamiliar. Without a basic understanding, they might struggle to follow if the text doesn’t go into the finer details.

How often are the books updated?

A. It is essential to have the correct information at all times. That said, the book is not updated every year. In most cases, newer versions are released when significant changes to the game need to be mentioned to readers.

What are the best “Football For Dummies” books to buy?

Best Book “Football for Dummies”

“Football for Dummies” – Kindle Edition

What do you want to know: This is the latest edition to the popular series and is written by a knowledgeable author.

What you will love: It’s a great option if you need to improve your soccer game by knowing exactly what’s going on and when. Written by former professional player Howie Long, it aims to break down all aspects of football into small chunks. It details all positions, strategies on the pitch and discusses the rules.

What you should consider: Some readers of this book felt that it focused too much on football history.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best ‘Football For Dummies’ Book For The Money

Football rules and positions in a day for dummies

“Football Rules and Positions in a Day for Dummies”

What do you want to know: Skip the fluff and move on to the nuts and bolts of how football works.

What you will love: Also written by Howie Long with help from John Czarnecki, this soccer book focuses on the many rules of the sport and dives into the various positions. It aims to explain the difference between a touchdown and a touchdown and more, all in one day. The book also includes online components that take you beyond the pages.

What you should consider: Currently, it is only available in Kindle edition.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Fantasy football for dummies

“Fantasy football for dummies”

What do you want to know: Bring your knowledge of online gambling and learn all about fantasy football.

What you will love: Getting into the thick of it with real football is great, but what if you want to get into fantasy football? Well, this book explains everything you ever wanted to know about a highly addictive hobby. Gain additional knowledge on scouting and drafting and how to build the ultimate team to win the championship.

What you should consider: Some of the information can be gathered through a quick search online.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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