‘Ayaz Gul poet of feelings’

Islamabad: The poetry of famous Sindhi poet Ayaz Gul has a unique style. He is a poet of feelings. His poems for children are also unique. Also, Nasira Zubair is a poet with a fresh accent.

These views were expressed by the famous poet Iftikhar Arif in a ceremony organized by the “Idara Adab-o-Saqafat” in honor of the guest poets Ayaz Gul, Nasira Zubair and Dr. Naveeda Katohar from Sindh. The new collection of poems for children by Ayaz Gul, “Nind ke Pairy”, was also mentioned on this occasion. Ayaz Gul said that the book “Phool or Sitare” written for children was published in 1979.

“I write for children out of love for children. Another name for children is love and I love love. It is a great pleasure to write for children. Very few books are written for children in Sindhi literature. Writing is very important for children.” H said that children were the future of the nation, so proper attention should be given to their literature both at the governmental and non-governmental level.

Thanking the guests, Tariq Shahid said that Ayaz Gul, Nasira Zubair and Dr. Naveeda Katohar are important names in Sindhi and Urdu literature. Ayaz Gul’s Sindhi poetry and poems written especially for children are the hallmarks of our literature.

President of Idara Adab-o-Saqafat Afshan Abbasi thanked the guests. Hafeez Khan, Akhtar Tazeen, Akbar Hussain Akbar, Mazhar Barlas, Dr Rashid Hameed, Afshan Abbasi, Manzoor Ali Veesiro, Bilal Dar, Muhammad Inam, Saeeda Tariq, Farzana Khan and Owais Jan attended the ceremony.

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