AWARDS FOR LITERATURE 2021 – An Opportunity for Writers and Compilers

The 2021 Literature Awards were organized by The 2 Am Thoughts organization to recognize and motivate aspiring writers among today’s youth. The 2 Am Thoughts organization provides a national-level platform for writers to express their creativity and improve their skills. They have been in service for three years and have fulfilled the dreams of countless writers. The awards were held in online mode to facilitate participation. There were three award categories: Literary Star of the Year, Author of the Year, and Compiler of the Year. A panel of judges was set up to select the nominees and the winners were selected by online voting.

The nominees for the “2021 Literary Star of the Year Award” were Dr Anjali Ajay, Isha Chopra and Dishari Neogy. It was won by Mrs. Isha Chopra. The nominees for the “Author of the Year 2021 Award” were K.Vinay Vincent, Nidhi Malde, Ibaadat M. Jacob and Ashwini Solanki. It was bagged by Mrs. Ibaadat M. Jacob. The nominees for the “Compiler of the Year Award 2021” were Aditya Seth, Neha Sharma and Lalit Gandhi. It was won by Mr. Aditya Seth. The winners received a trophy, a gift basket, a t-shirt and a certificate. They were featured on the organization’s Instagram page. Additionally, all nominees also received gift baskets.

The motto of the 2 Am Thoughts organization is to create space for the growth of writers and literature. They provide publishing services and have also created an online bookstore. The organization was pleased and satisfied with the success of the awards and the enthusiasm of the public was also very visible. The organization also plans to hold literature awards in the coming years and hopes to create many more opportunities like this for literature lovers.

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