Author Akshay Kumar’s most recent book A WAY broke sales records and was hugely popular overseas as well as in India

With his most recent book, A WAY, Akshay Kumar – the author, not the actor – is currently dominating the literary world. Akshay quickly conquered the Indian market after launching A WAY on Amazon and rising to the rank of best seller. Book sales were astronomical and the first day saw a record number of orders. With this book, Akshay released his biggest book to date and it stayed at the top of the charts for 55 consecutive days. The general public praised A WAY as a masterpiece and praised it for being a fantastic story of love and hope. The popularity of the book has increased due to this extraordinary response from readers.

Major offline retailers in India including Crosswords, Oxford, Odyssey, WH Smith and many national libraries started promoting Akshay’s book as the best-selling title after spotting this pattern. Reading these stories after hearing this incredible response drew readers in, and the volumes quickly sold out. A representative from WH SMITH said it was the most popular book they currently sell and they had already sold out many boxed orders when asked about the performance of the book. They named Akshay’s book as the Book of the Month at Delhi Airport, and after seeing how well the book was selling, they asked Akshay to meet the crowd for a book signing. Akshay graciously accepted the offer, signed many copies, and gave them to his supporters.

Author Akshay Kumar just called the success of his work a pure blessing and thanked all the fans for their support. A WAY, which is the sequel to Akshay WITHYOU’s previous book, is currently selling in many countries including Australia, America, Germany, Ireland, UK, Peru, Mexico and many others. The book is highly praised and has received several online orders from Amazon, even in other countries. This book has done a fantastic amount of business so far, which has undoubtedly made it unique.

With his first book, WITHYOU, author Akshay Kumar burst into the literary world and won over readers. The book’s plot made it immensely popular with readers, and favorable reviews helped it become a bestseller on Amazon, where it received a record number of online orders. People noticed Akshay’s writing style and were captivated by his distinctive approach to storytelling. Also receiving a record number of orders from overseas, the book quickly elevated Akshay to stardom. Akshay delivered the sequel requested by readers. He took some time and wrote A WAY, the epilogue WITHYOU which is currently causing a stir in the Indian market and has taken Akshay’s stardom to new heights.

A WAY has become such a big phenomenon that it has helped Akshay win numerous accolades from readers. He has become the buzz of the town and can be heard on many podcasts and radio shows discussing success stories from his books. In just 4 months, Akshay was able to sell an incredible number of books, making him a literary celebrity. Eldest son of Mr. Bijay Kumar Sinha and Mrs. Bindu Sinha, Akshay was born in Patna, Bihar on January 15, 1995. It was a fantastic start for Akshay’s writing career. His books are selling well and he is gaining well-deserved popularity among his fans. We will certainly wait until the third volume.

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