Ardal O’Hanlon left red-faced after meeting Nick Cave

Actor and writer Ardal O’Hanlon joked he was left red-faced after meeting Nick Cave at the recent Cheltenham Literature Festival.

The 57 year old man Father Ted star, who was at the event to promote her new book Hubbub, explained how he was stunned when he spotted the Australian singer-songwriter in the bathroom.

“You never know who you’re going to meet at these festivals,” he explained. “I’m a huge Nick Cave fan. I was kind of hanging around idly by the end of the night and he ended up right next to me at the urinal.

“Of course I offered to shake his hand, which – at that exact moment – was the wrong decision,” he laughed. “But it was instinctive because how many times am I going to find myself in a tiny room with Nick Cave?”.

O’Hanlon then admits that his first novel, The speech of the city, which was released in 1998 to rave reviews, it struggled to put pen to paper after its release.

“I was pretty busy for a while. I tried a second novel a few years after the first because the first novel did pretty well.

“It was great, it sold well and it was well rated. So, I was offered a book deal to do a second one, and sure enough, they wanted it immediately.

“I accepted the book deal – the naive young man that I was – and took the money up front. I built a kitchen with that money and couldn’t deliver,” did he declare.

“I’ve stopped and started the novel so many times and got distracted by so many different projects.

“Finally, I had to suffer the indignation of having to return the money.”

“At least I didn’t have to return the kitchen,” he laughed.

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