Andrew Pippos’ “Lucky’s” Wins 2021 Readings Award for New Australian Fiction

Andrew Pippos’ “Lucky’s” is the winner of the 2021 Readings for New Australian Fiction award.

Elizabeth Tan, who won the 2020 award for her collection of new Smart Ovens for Lonely People (Brio), was one of the judges for this year’s award.

She said “Lucky’s” is an “exceptional first job,” while Judge President Kate McIntosh said the job “reminded us of a pre-COVID, pre-hyperconnected time, full of different challenges but still with a lot. to say about our present moment when fortunes can change quickly and where compassion is needed ”.

Mr. Pippos expressed his joy over the announcement.

“Many writers work for years on their novel without knowing whether the manuscript will be published. It is an important objective. To some extent, it shapes our lives. And during this period, the world of the novel is a private space: the idea of ​​readers and shortlists and prices is far from the mind. After all this silence, I have found the gratitude to be meaningful and joyful. I wasn’t expecting to make any presets or win a prize, but I’m happy that good things have happened to me, ”Mr. Pippos told Neos Kosmos after the announcement.

“From the start, the readings were favorable. One of the most insightful responses to my novel is Chief Book Buyer Alison Huber’s First Review.

“Lucky’s” was chosen from a list of six, and the prize comes with a prize of $ 3,000.

READ MORE: “Lucky’s”: An Unmissable Saga by Greek Australian Author Andrew Pippos

“It was interesting to write about an environment where you could see where it started and where it ended. His whole trajectory was over. Andrew Pippos explains his choice to write about the local Greek diners who were in every suburb and country town in Australia. Photo: Book cover

The award, now in its eighth year, recognizes “exciting and outstanding new contributions to local literature” and is open to first or second works of fiction published by Australian authors “

Mr. Pippos’ work is a story of migration. From the first chapter of the saga, the reader’s imagination is captured. For readers of Greek heritage, there is familiarity as the work evokes memories of the history of Australian Greek migrants as well as the aromas and rituals of Greek cuisine.

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