2023 Porsche Taycan gets longer range and faster charging

Porsche’s first electric vehicle (EV) was a commercial success. Porsche’s SUVs still outsell its cars in the United States, but the Taycan is quickly becoming one of its best-selling non-SUV models. It offers true Porsche sports car performance, emission-free driving, and access to the $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit. It’s even available as a Taycan Cross Turismo wagon with extra ground clearance, if you want to take your electric sports car to the trails.

Our test drivers cited an unimpressive range and frustrating touch controls as limitations of the 2022 model. But Porsche has a plan for that. The 2023 Taycan (pronounced ‘tie-con’, by the way) will get improved battery life, faster charging and a faster touchscreen interface.

The 2023 Taycan will arrive in dealerships this fall. But you can place an order from today. It starts at $86,700, plus a delivery charge of $1,450. But it is indeed a Porsche we are talking about. So it’s possible to push the price to over $200,000 with higher trim levels and options.

In an interesting twist, many 2023 model updates are also available for 2022 Taycan owners. And 2021 Taycan owners.

Many of the improvements planned by Porsche for the new model year are software updates. Thus, the German automaker plans to release them on older Taycans for download.

They include several tricks to increase range, although Porsche hasn’t specified how many miles the update might add. The new software will reduce the trickle of energy that the front electric motor drains from the battery in twin-motor variants. It will also help the battery charge more efficiently in hot and cold weather. The infotainment screen will now sort its list of nearby charging stations, placing the fastest ones first.

The 2023 Taycans will get new infotainment software with a more colorful and easier to use interface. They also get wireless Android Auto in addition to the pre-existing wireless Apple CarPlay. Older Taycan owners can visit a Porsche Service Center to get these updates for free.

A handful of the enhancements to the 2023 Taycan are hardware items that cannot be downloaded. They include a panoramic roof with variable light control, which drivers can adjust to nine levels of transparency. The 2023 Taycan will also be pre-wired for a dashcam, which dealers can install.

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