100 years ago in Spokane: ‘Director of Americanization’ details propaganda the American Legion plans to spread to counter ‘anti-American literature’

Dr. William C. Hicks of Spokane explained his goals as the new “director of Americanization work” for the American Legion.

“We are engaged in preventative work,” he said. “We hope to arrange for every child in Washington to be inculcated in the principles of government. … No enemy of our nation can make much progress while the American Legion is supported and held together in this important task.

He said “enemies of constitutional government are still active” and want to “change the white and blue of the American flag to blood red.” No American, he said, “can remain neutral in this conflict.”

“We hope to produce propaganda that will enable us to outrun the production of the anti-American literature now so profusely published,” he said.

Hicks was the former dean of All Saints Cathedral in Spokane.

Excerpt from court records: HC Estabrook (sometimes rendered as Eastabrook) was sentenced to two years on McNeil Island for his scandalous “runaway” with Mrs. CW Mullins.

Both were prominent citizens of the Nampa-Boise area, and they caused a stir when they disappeared together and were found living as husband and wife in Calgary. They were later arrested and arraigned in Spokane.

A Boise judge showed no sympathy in sentencing him for a violation of the Mann Act.

“What you did was not only outrageous, but the way you did it was beyond outrageous,” the judge said.

He said Estabrook “dramatically broke the law” and “caused Ms Mullins to violate her sacred obligations”.

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