Month: May 2019

I Do Not Have Economic Solvency What Do I Do? – Quick Credits

by Travis Blau
Not having economic solvency is a situation that, although it is not pleasant, should not make you lose your temper. In fact, many people experience it at some point in their lives. Actually, what you should do if that situation occurs is to ask you a question: is my insolvency permanent or temporary? Depending on the answer, the solutions (that there are) are different. In this article we tell you what you can do to get ahead in both cases and how Count Fosco can help you.

Permanent economic insolvency: what to do

Permanent economic insolvency: what to do The first thing you should do in this case is to recognize that you have a problem. With solution, but a basic problem: in your balance of expenses and income there is something that does not work and causes the former to be superior to the latter. And since it is a problem with two faces (expenses and income), you can correct the situation by either way. On the one hand, thoroughly review your expenses. Receipts for supplies, service bills, purchase expenses, subscriptions, rent or mortgage on the house, etc. There will be some that can not be touched, but there will be others that can. It reduces its amount or directly dispenses with expenses that are superficial or less important. If the situation improves in the future, you will be able to treat yourself to enjoying them again and it will be as if nothing had happened. On the other hand, you can try to increase your income. If you have a job, the easiest thing (and also the most sacrificed) is to do extra hours, although for a long period of time it can be excessively hard. Meanwhile, you can prepare another better solution: expand your training and aspire to a better paid job, either in the same company, in another sector or even independently. And if you do not have a job, with more reason you should improve your training while you are looking for a job with more zeal.

Without temporary financial solvency: how to get out of the way

Without temporary financial solvency: how to get out of the way Not having financial solvency temporarily is not a pleasant situation, but certainly not a major problem, at least if the need for money is not too high. There are many solutions at your fingertips, whether you need them immediately or not. One of them is online microcredits , such as those that you can request in Count Fosco: indicate amount and term, fill out the online form and you can receive up to € 750 in your bank account in less than 15 minutes clock, if all the data provided are correct. This solution is valid even if the debt in question is already firm and the company that claims it has included you in a list of defaulters as ASNEF. For Count Fosco and its lenders, the fact of being registered in this type of files is not enough reason to deprive the client of his right to personal financing . Each case will be assessed individually and other circumstances of the applicant will be taken into account, such as their level of income, the nature of these (payroll, pension, unemployment benefit, etc.) or the possibility of presenting a guarantee as collateral, something that neither it is obligatory Another option is that of pawnshops , the sale of gold or second-hand stores. They allow you to get money with objects that you have at hand in your own home, but they have some disadvantages: you will have to get rid of items of great emotional value, such as jewelry, the money you will receive is significantly lower than its true market price and in many cases You will not receive the money immediately. Depending on the expense caused by the insolvency, there are other solutions. For example, if it is too high a bill, you can negotiate with the company in question a postponement of the payment . Some companies, especially energy companies and telephone companies, provide facilities to carry out this procedure, sometimes without interest. They prefer to reach an amicable agreement with the client before initiating an administrative process to claim the debt and include the user in a list of defaulters. Another similar option is the fractionation of the debt, which can also be without cost or with low interest. Negotiate with the company what installments and installments fall within their plans. Beyond these options, all viable and typical of any adult, there are other more informal and much less recommended. For example, take a hand of savings , if you have, or ask for money from family and friends , with the drawbacks that this generates: bad drink for those who request it and tension in the relationship of trust between both people. Analyze all these options to solve your lack of economic solvency, permanent or temporary, and choose the one that suits you from an economic and emotional point of view.